Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Birthday and Happy Father's Day

Cody's Birthday just happened to fall on Father's Day this year. Wow! He turned 31yrs old. I hope he had a good day. I want to thank him for being such an amazing father and husband. He always helps out and I don't have to ask. We love him. Happy Father's Day to Cody and our Father's.

Double Take

Harrison in Alien Pj's

Colby in Alien Pj's

It's amazing how big Harrison is getting. Colby had these cute alien pj's that I absolutely loved and they now fit Harrison. The only difference is Colby was 4months old and Harrison is only 2months.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fun up the Canyon

Pauline and Her boys
Cody and Colby on a rock
Colby Cheesing for the Camera
And Harrison sleeping as usual

Sometimes you just need to get out of the house. After I drove Pauline insane going through Boulder trying to find the road up the canyon. Turns out that it was called Canyon road that I was looking for. We finally found it and went up it for a few minutes and came to a nice pull out by the river. Colby loves to get out and play and throw rocks in the water. He is going to be a good camper. I can't wait till Pauline lets me take the boys on a camping trip. Apparently she is not to keen on tenting, so I have made threats to get another VW vanagon with the pop up camper. She doesn't think that is too funny.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Bear World

Colby feeding the goats

Brown Bear

Bear Cubs

Colby & Mom on the car ride

Our trip to Idaho was lots of fun. We went to Bear World with Grandma Butterfield and Colby thought it was great. One of Colby's favorite movies is Milo and Otis because he loves the Bear in it. We knew he would love it. As we drove through the park Colby growled at all the bears. It's a good thing they make you keep your windows rolled up because I don't think the bears would appreciate Colby growling at them. After we drove through we went to see the baby cubs, they were too cute. They had a small petting zoo with a baby goat and Colby was in love with it. We rode some rides and grandma bought him a baby bear to sleep with. Later that day we went to grandma and grandpa Silvesters and had dinner. It was nice to visit with family. Grandma surprised him with a bag of rocks and he was very excited. Colby loves rocks and he always stole grandma's rocks when we would visit. She would hide them but he always seemed to find them again. That night Colby slept with his rocks and now he keeps them safe in his tool box. We miss being around family and we can't wait to live a little closer.

Expert Flyer

Colby waiting at the airport

Harrison on the plane

Colby on the plane

This past weekend we finally made our first trip to Idaho with Harrison. Colby was getting anxious to go see his grandmas and grandpas. Usually we travel lot but it's a little scary for me with two kids to do it myself. Colby is definitely an expert flyer. He has his own suit case that he packs himself and usually he puts in his blanket, his momma puppy, and any toys that he wants to take with him. He pulls his suitcase through the airport and then he patiently waits to board the plane. When we board the plane he leads the way with his suitcase until he finds his seat. Then he pushes his suitcase under the seat in front of him and puts on his seat belt. The kid has it down to a science. When the flight attendant comes around to offer a drink he politely asks for an apple juice and hands her his sippy. He loves to fly and he's usually an angel the entire flight. Harrison was great his first time flying. He doesn't seem to impressed with much yet because he still sleeps alot.