Friday, February 19, 2010

The past few weeks.

Grandpa pulling Colby on the sled

Colby on the sled

Harrison on his 4-wheeler

Colby with his Valentine's box

Harrison in mommy's shoes

It's been really hard to keep up on the blog the last few weeks. The boys and I have been really sick. We are finally feeling better and we have been getting out of the house a little more. I'm so done with the cold and the snow. We have a muddy mess outside since we didn't have time to put in our yard before winter came and they built a new house next door. It's driving me crazy!! The boys love to go outside and ride their bikes and 4-wheelers. I look forward to the warm weather because my kids would live outside if I let them. They seem to find the mud as soon as they go outside. We are loving our new neighborhood. We look forward to the warm weather so we can enjoy the outside more.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Where does the time go?

Harrison and his cousin Kate

I've been posting a lot of Colby lately so I decided to post some of my other favorite boy. Harrison is 22 months old and he is so much fun. He is always happy and has a smile to match. He is so funny and loves to give us all a hard time. He is a huge tease. Sometimes I think that Brian gave him lessons on teasing before he came to us. He reminds me a lot of Brian sometimes. He makes us laugh all the time and he has definitely got an attitude. He sures likes to drive Colby crazy but they get along really well most of the time. He likes everything that Colby likes. He loves tractors, 4-wheelers, trucks, anything that moves. We sure do love him.