Sunday, April 18, 2010

Turning 2

So baby is turning 2 on April 20th!! I can't believe it where does the time go? I'm excited that he is getting older. I know thats probably a little weird but the older he gets the more fun he gets. We had a party for him on Saturday with our family and boy did he feel special. We have an amazing family that love and support our kids so of course he was spoiled. We love that little guy. He is always entertaining us and he adores his brother. He has been so much fun to have in our family.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


We had a really nice Easter weekend. My parents came for the weekend so we had a lot of fun with them. My sister, mom, dad, and I went shopping without the kids which was really nice. My aunt Tammy had her annual Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday and the kids got tons of candy. They also got a marshmallow gun for their big gift and we all had a marshmallow war. This year Harrison was really into finding the eggs and candy. As soon as he picked up the eggs he wanted to open them then eat the candy. The kids just keep getting more fun every year!