Monday, March 9, 2009


Mimzy taking a nap on the blanky
Chicho smiling for the camera
Our long lost beloved Chicho has returned to live with us again. 3 Years ago when we moved to Denver we knew that having a cat in an apartment would be an issue so we made a hard decision to leave him behind. He has been living at Shane's house and is quite a nuisance to his other cat and the strays in the neighborhood. He lived in the garage and had free roam of the neighborhood. He has been in quite a few fights lately and was looking pretty beat up. We brought him home to live with us in UT and him and Mimzy the princess of the house are now starting to get along. We love our Chicho and Mimz and enjoy their company. Chicho is a cuddler and Mimz is play full. Chicho is a night owl and Mimz plays all day. Chicho's hair is starting to grow back and all his cuts are healing up. We love our Cats.


Anonymous said...

Cute!! That is such a happy ending... Not many people get long lost pets back! Happy Times!! We pretty much love our pets too!!