Saturday, April 11, 2009

Eggs, Eggs, and more Eggs

Colby is tired after finding all his eggs and candy

Colby hunting for eggs

Daddy & Colby coloring eggs


Today we celebrated Easter with the whole family. We colored eggs this morning and Colby made an egg that represented each of us. The blue egg was Colby, the yellow egg was Cody, the pink egg was mom, and the orange egg was Harrison. He had lots of fun coloring them.

Later in the afternoon we went over to my aunt Tammy's house for the Big Annual Easter Egg Hunt. She has this every year and we have never missed since she started it. Colby and Harrison found lots of candy. It was funny because Colby was very selective when picking up the eggs and candy. If he didn't like the candy or the eggs weren't his favorite colors, he wouldn't pick it up. His big prize was a hippity hop and he loves it. Harrison was impressed with just one egg and his big prize was a ball. I know my aunt goes to a lot of work every year so we really appreciate her and all she does so we can have fun.


The Coxclan said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun. Hey anytime you want to come over you can. I think my kids are all better. You just better give me a heads up because my house can become a disaster area pretty quickly so I'd like to straighten up a little bit before you come.