Thursday, May 15, 2008

Colby and Dad watching the Sea Lions

Harrison enjoying the Zoo

Colby playing the African Drums

We made our first trip to the zoo with Harrison a few days ago. He must of enjoyed it because he slept the entire time. Colby had fun enough for the both of them. He loves the zoo. We bought a pass to the zoo so we can enjoy it whenever we want to get out. Colby's a wild man at the zoo. There were alot of ducklings around the zoo and Colby wanted to touch them all. Every time we passed by them he mentioned how cute they were. He also roars at all the animals which I'm sure they appreciate. Every time we go to the zoo he gets a new favorite animal, depending on how active the animals are. He seemed to love the monkeys this time because they were jumping around and he thought it was really funny. Well that's all for now.


ThePippins said...

So cute! I loved your baby announcements. They were very original and adorable! good job. Love you and miss you!

Brooke said...

That kid cracks me up! I can just see him roaring at the pelicans or something! Such a Silvester! I hear you're being invaded this weekend? Are you prepared for it? ;)

April said...

I love our litlle Monkey! He is just so funny. Harrison is so cute. Haven always say I love our baby Harrison.